Twelve Healing Steps for Families

As the addiction crisis continues, many families are living with the fear and pain of watching someone they love struggle. This new program is an effort to share our experience, that pursuing our own healing positively effects both our lives and everyone around us, including those in the life and death battle with addiction. 

Families who have a loved one in addiction may feel that they have entered a land where nothing makes any sense. Logic doesn’t hold and the whole world is turned upside down. No amount of reasoning helps, no type of persuading helps, statements like, “look at what you are doing to your life” doesn’t help.

Many of us at Listen Love Pray have lived through this heart breaking situation.  We have found help and healing by working the 12 steps ourselves, as well as, participating in healing prayer. 

Helping Families Heal is a 12-week course that teaches the 12 steps and introduces the power of healing prayer. Connecting with other folks in this struggle will also be a source of strength and wisdom. As Ken recalls, until he went to Celebrate Recovery, “up until that point I felt alone, isolated, lost, and talking to other people broke that lost, hopeless way of thinking.” 

There are lots of important topics including, consistency in family responses and helping vs enabling. “Moms and Dads, we respond in a protective way when our children are in danger. That’s just the way God made us. It was so hard for me to learn that my helping had turned into enabling, and that had prevented my son from hitting his bottom, where he would want to get help.” says Lucinda.